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I like your art! I want to contribute to beauty even more!!

(Become a patron is here


Thanks for your support !

Sorry for multiple emails.

Hello dear members, I'm working right now on my great come back, I republished all blog posts, tuning my website, plans etc... and I discover during the process that my website send notification each time I republish a post... So you probably receive many many email, and notifications... I'm very sorry for that.

I'm not ready to make public announcement of my come back, cause all the photos and posts are note ready. I will let you know soon.

After this post I'll de-activate the notifications, they will be re-activate when everything will be ready.

For my mistake, here a picture of my last shoot with powerful Anna, a beautyful Ukrainian who it was a great pleasure and honour to work with. 1 shoot is already in the art shop, it willl be available for patrons soon, and 2 other shoots to come. Hope you enjoy her talent and beauty.

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